Aviation sector has raised itself to new heights due to the development of the world economy.

Diploma in Airport Ground Handling

Diploma in Airport Ground Handling training is a diploma level Civil Aviation course. The Diploma Course rocusses some areas such as stalT working are airport information desk, tickets and fare counters, baggage handling and other related work schedule at the Airport, etc.,

Diploma in Airport and Airline Management

It is a Job oriented Diploma course. Airline and Airport Diploma program covers aspects related to overall Airport Management. It covers aspects such as ground stall' training, Air Ticketing, Cargo Management etc.,

Diploma in Air Hostess / Cabin Crew Management

  • Greeting Passengers as they board and exit the plane.
  • Showing passengers to their seats and providing special attention to passengers, such as the elderly or disabled.
  • Serving meals and refreshments.
  • Checking the condition and provision of emergency equipments and information for passengers etc.,

Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management

It consist or the largest number or aircraft and pilots and accounts for the largest number of flying hours. In other sense, it refers to of hotels, restaurants, travel management agencies and their institutions in the hospitality industry, etc.,